Sunday, 8 July 2012

The start of my mission

I've been doing nail art for as long as I can remember! When it was really first on trend, circa 1997 when transfers and nail art pens weren't as widely available, I made my own little brush and used to copy designs from books and practice on my friends' nails.

My obsession with nail polish never went away and I have way more than one person should own, but the collection is never complete as I'm always on the quest for that elusive shade of hot pink which matches a particular bag exactly or that blue that's just in between 'Denim diva' and 'Beach sky blue'! 

I'm a great believer that nails are the way forward to injecting a little bit of glamour into any women's life.. as you can go all out or just err on the side of daring! Whether it's a 10 mins rush job before leaving the house or spending a regular half hour a week on pampering, your nails can bring a smile to your face and take a day outfit to night or add a fashion edge to your regular denims.

And now with nail art riding the trend wave once again I'm finding my steady hand is finding creative things to do! However, I'm here to prove that anyone can do it..yes I've had years of practice and have become ambidextrous but when you break it down most designs are achievable or there are now many products on the market to cheat your way to eye-catching nails. Often the most simple are the most effective. I'm always getting comments on my nails from 'OMG... did you do that yourself?!' to 'Wow, you must have a lot of time of your hands' (I think this is meant to be slightly insulting but hey my nails look great!),.. so this is my quest to break down the mystery of nail art and bring it to the masses!

Watch this space for step by step tutorials on my weekly nails, as well as an insight into my obsession with shopping and my aversion to wearing red when my nails are pink!

Below are a few of my recent creations!

Monochrome pink

Sneaker style

Pink zebra crossing!

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