Thursday, 26 July 2012

Bright angled tips

So unfortunately my Olympic nails were looking a bit dingy so they've gone before The Games have even properly begun!

So I've opted for a quick and simple bright look for the last day of sun this week using a couple of my favourite colours

After base coating (I use a strengthening treatment so I'm keeping up with nail maintenance), apply two coats of a bright colour  - I've used Models Own in Purple Passion.

Step 1  - all over bright colour
Once dry, add angled tips with a contrasting colour. Create an inverted 'V' shape by sweeping diagonally across the outer edge of your nail then repeating the action on the inner side of your nail. I find it easier to go from bottom to top edge/tip. The strokes should cross over at the top.

I opted for a gorgeous bold blue - Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Candy Blue.

Step 2 - create inverted V tips
Repeat the process on the other hand and apply a second coat if needed.

There'll be quite a lot of edges to clean up so don't worry. Use an acetone soak cotton bud to do the majority and any small bits will come off easier once it's fully dry and you've washed your hands a few times. Finish off with a quick dry top coat and there you have it.

The kit

Happy painting... the nailist xxx

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