Saturday, 14 July 2012


I bought a new nail colour this week which is a lovely bold purpley blue from Rimmel, so wanted to do an equally bold design to match. I came up with this fun geometric pattern... you need a steady hand but it's definitely worth it...
Here's how..

File and base coat and then paint your whole nail with a light colour - I used a lovely dusky pink - Nail Polish by H&M 'Get a Rose 4 Me'

Step 1 - apply pink all over

Next take a darker colour - in this case my new purpley blue..Rimmel 60 seconds '810 Blue my mind' - and start to create different diagonal and triangular shapes. Use the thin side of the brush rather than the flat to help control edges of shapes.

Step 2 - create free hand triangular/diagonal shapes

Repeat the process on your other hand, creating a variety of shapes. Allow to dry and then carefully go over the darker colour with a second coat.

Step 2 - repeat on other hand (sorry about the slightly out of focus image!)

Once this has dried, defined the edges of the shapes with a nail art pen. I used Model Owns Nail Art Pen in White. Use swift sweeping motions rather than trying to go slowly to achieve a more even finish.

Step 3 - define edges

Once the design is dry apply a shiny top coat to really make the design pop. Top tip is to do your top coat in two strokes without going over the same stroke twice - this ensures the colours don't bleed.

Ta dah - right hand has different shapes to the left (shown above)

Clean up the edges with a nail polish remover soaked cotton bud.

The kit

Happy painting...the nailist xxx

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