Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Now you see it... now you don't!

I sometimes find it difficult to just do a plain nail colour... I always find myself reaching for my nail art pen or wanting to add a different coloured tip! However, for some occasions, less is always more! So this is a clever trick to add a bit of flair to plain manicure without being all out nail art-tastic!
By using a crackle top coat similar to the base colour the stripe can only be seen in certain lights.

Firstly, I applied two coats of Nail Colour by H&B in Nerd followed by a diagonal thick stripe in Nail Colour by H&M in Check me out.

Step 1 - pale colour and bold stripe
This in itself is a great look which you can further jazz up with a dark crackle top coat over the stripe or add a similar coloured crackle coat to the base colour to create the 'now you see it, now you don't' look. I used 17 Nail Xtras Crackle Top Coat

Step 2 - add crackle coat
Add top coat and enjoy your subtle but on trend nails!

The kit

Happy painting.. the nailist xxx

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