Thursday, 19 July 2012

Spot the orchid

I bought this lovely orchid this week...

I love orchids, mainly because they're the only plant I can seem to keep alive! But also because they're always so interesting to look at.. it inspired me to do this next design. 

It's a tricky one but worth a try...

Filed and base coat, I used one of my favourites... Bourjois's So Perfect! Base Correctice Texture Gel

Apply an earthy pastel colour all over your nails - I used Models Own in Grace Green, but a beige, grey or minky colour would work too.

Step 1 - all over earthy colour

Then, using the brush part of a white nail art pen, draw three petal shapes on the corner of two different fingernails on each hand. I used Models Own Nail Art Pen in White. Your ring finger and index finger work well.

Step 2 - draw petal outline

Then fill the petals in with the white

Step 3 - fill in petals
Now using the dotter part of the white pen decorate the corners of each nail in random dots forming a half moon shape. Decorate a different corner on each nail

Step 4 - decorate with dots
Continue adding dots with a complimentary earthy colour - I used Max Factor Limited Edition Nail Affinity in Boji. Keep the dots random - it doesn't matter if you overlap the white dots

Step 5 - begin layering dots

Then taking a bright fushcia add more dots, keeping to the half moon shape.  If your using a nail polish rather than a nail art dotter just angle the brush so only the corner touches the nail. Here I've used Revlon Scented Nail Enamel in 375 Passion Fruit.

Step 6 - continue layering dots

Finish with a last layer of bright yellow dots. I used the dotter on a Models Own Nail Art Pen in Yellow.

Step 7 - finish with a layer of yellow dots

The result should be a confetti like curved design.

Now using the same fushcia colour used earlier, add the middle of the flower to the very corner tip of the nail in a similar shape to the petals.

Step 8 - add the fushcia flower centre
Then on top of thi,s using the brush of the yellow nail art pen, add a dot for the middle of the flower and two diagonal lines to define

Step 9 - add the yellow centre
Repeat this process on the other hand

Step 10 - repeat on the other hand

Clean up the edges of the nails and finish with a quick dry top coat. I used one of my favourites - Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. And Ta dah... pretty summer nails.

The kit

Happy painting...the nailist xxx

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