Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Cream topped orange

So the inevitable has happened and I bought some new shoes!!..
New shoes!
Unfortunately as they are suede and peeped toe I've been unable to experience that heady new shoes debut due to the biblical-like weather we're experiencing. So I'm channeling my new shoes via my nails.

This is a quick 3 step 'how to' to a fabulous sophisticated summer look

Start as always with a file and base coat - I like to use a strengthening base coat to help combat the effects of constant nail polish remover.

Apply two layers of an orange or coral colour - I used Max Factors 'Diva Coral'. Add two coats if necessary and allow to dry

Step 1 - Apply orange all over nails

Using a dense cream nail polish make a sweeping half moon shaped around the outer edge of each nail starting almost from the base of the nail. Don't worry if you go over the edges - you can clean up later. It helps to use the thin edge of the brush rather than the usual flat side. I used No7 Anniversary Nail Colour in '60s Mini skirt'

Step 2 - add cream curved diagonal tips
Repeat the process on your right hand. This hand can be a bit tricky if you don't have a steady hand. Top tip is to do the tip in one sweeping quick motion rather than trying to do it slowly.

Repeat on the right hand

If you can still see the orange for through the cream then apply a second coat. Allow to dry and add a quick dry top coat for an extra glossy finish.

Step 3 - Add a glossy top coat

And there you have it  - a simple yet effective sophisticated look.

Happy painting...the nailist xx

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