Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Every cloud has a silver lining

So there are times when a bit of bling is order - probably not for every day at work! - but I wanted to experiment with rhinestones and ended up with a design more suited to a Saturday night than the 9-5! Still at least I'll be prepared for when I'm next getting glammed up!

Start off with a pearlescent base colour - I used Primark Beauty Nail Polish in an unnamed silvery white

Step 1 - Pearlescent base colour
Then, using a black nail art pen or thin brush, add a deep V guidance line onto every nail leaving a gap between the point of the V and the cuticle.

Step 2 - V guiding line
Then fill in above the V with a grey colour. I used one of my favourites - No7 Limited Edition Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Grey Matter.

Step 3 - fill in the V
Once this is dry, add a line of silver glittery polish using either a nail art pen or thin brush, just above the original black guiding line. I had a No7 nail art pen from a Christmas gift set which gave a lovely dense finish.

Step 4 - add the silver lining!
Then redefine the V with a black line underneath the silver. This should take the V to the cuticle/base of your nail.

Step 5 - redefine the V
Select a nail on each hand to embellish. Doing one nail at a time, add a line of clear top coat over the silvery line to create a tacky surface. Then, using a clear top coat dipped toothpick pick up and dot on a line of round shaped diamante rhinestones and a teardrop shape one at the base. I added the rounds first, moving from the outer edges towards the centre and added the teardrop in between last. This is so you know you have enough space to have a equal number of rhinestones on each side of the V.

Step 6 - Bling time
Finish off with a shiny top coat on all nails, which will help further seal on the rhinestones. Clean up the edges with an acetone soaked cotton bud . Blingtastic!

The kit

Happy painting... the nailist xxx

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Cupcake dreams

So one of my many dreams (I'm a bit of an idealistic dreamer!) is to one day own a cupcake cafebar, famous for the best cupcakes in town which you can buy to take away or sit in an enjoy with a cocktail. There would of course be somewhere to get your nails done while sipping your cocktail. I imagine the decor will be retro glam - think American diner meets Breakfast at Tiffany's! Well, one day maybe... In the meantime the dream has inspired my latest design, 'Cupcake Dream's, and here's the how to.

(By the way, it would be really good to hear your thoughts on my blog. I know I have some followers via facebook but it would be great to get your comments and following on the actual blog)
This is a bit of a complex one so here goes...

Step 1  - Base colours
After a good base coat to avoid staining, apply a light pink to eight nails and lavender colour to one nail on each hand - choose a different nail on each hand. I used Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine in Rose Satin for the pink and Prevail Nail Lacquer in Lush Lounge for the lavender.

Once dry, using a white nail art pen such as Models Own Nail Art Pen in white draw a deep semi circle on the lavender nails

Step 2 - Outline semi circle
Then fill in the top half of the semi circle with one coat of white - I used Models Own Pro Limited Edition in French White

Step 3 - Fill in outline
Allow the white to dry and then create the cupcake base by adding a pink tip with a 'frilly' base. Just paint across the tip moving the brush in a zigzag motion to give the impression of frosting. I used Models Own in Pastel Pink.

Step 4 - add cupcake base
While that dries, start applying the various designs to different nails. Firstly, I created candy stripes using a thin brush and Bourjois One Second Texture Silcone Gel Nail Enamel in Rose Cupcake (apt name!)

Step 5 - Candy stripes
On another nail I did a 'hundreds and thousand' style design adding random small dots of various pastel colours, just using the corner edge of each brush. My selection of colours were Rimmel 60 Seconds 620 'How do you Lilac it', No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Minty Fresh, Nail Paint by Barry M in Lemon Ice Cream, Ruby & Millie Nail Colour in Green 710C and Bourjois One Second Texture Silcone Gel Nail Enamel in Rose Cupcake.
Step 6 - Hundreds and thousands
On my little fingernail I created a simple white polka dot design using the dotter on the Models Own white nail art pen.

Step 7 - polka dots
Now, going back to the cupcake fingers apply vertical stripes to define the cupcake case. I used a Models Own Nail Art Pen in Pink.

Step 8 - Define cupcake base
On the last nail add a wide tip using the lavender base colour of the cupcake nail

Step 9 - Lavender tip
Now back to the cupcake finger, using the colours used on the 'hundreds and thousands' nail add some small random flecks to the white part of the cupcake and a bejewelled cherry on top. I used a pink rhinestone from an assortment pack, Broadway Nails Fashion Diva 3D Art Deluxe Nail & Body Art Kit. The best way to apply these is to add a dot of clear top coat to the nail and then using a toothpick, deep the end in some clear top coat, pick up the rhinestone and dot it on.

Step 10 - Finishing touches to cupcake
Add a shiny top coat to all nails and there you have it... nails good enough to eat (not literally!)!
Here's a shot of the other hand...

and here's the kit

The kit

Happy painting...the nailist xxx

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Queen ladybird

I wanted to do something fun with my nails to brighten up the inevitably dull Monday on the horizon... and this design will definitely bring smile to my face while I'm typing away at work!

Here's how...

Apply a red colour all over your nails, two coats if necessary, allowing to dry after each coat. I used Ted Baker London Beauty nail polish in an unnamed red.

Step 1 - all over red
Next, apply black tips in a slightly curved half moon shaped. I used Max Factor Limited Edition Nailfinity in Onyx, which is particularly good as Max factor polishes tend to have small brushes.

Step 2 - curved black tips
Using a nail art pen or thin brush add a vertical line in the middle of each nail. I used Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black

Step 3 - add central vertical stripes
Next, add two white dots either side of the line onto each nail using a nail art dotter. As usual I used Models Own Nail Art Pen in White

Step 4 - add white dots
Taking the black nail art pen again add the ladybird's spots and to add a cartoony element add a black dot into the middle of each white dot to create eyes

Step 5 - add black dots
Finish off with a glossy top coat, being careful to add in even non overlapped strokes to prevent bleeding, and there you have it! Eye catching and very fun

The kit

Happy Painting...the nailist xxx

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Quick fix crackle

So I'm currently away on business in the NYC hence no posts for a while... as I'm in one of the fashion capitals of the world I couldn't have arrived without my nails looking good. However, in my usual style I ran out of time to do a full on design so resorted to my 'go to' quick fix. It's simply a bright nail with a side sweep of crackle coat. Easy but very effective as it looks like you have an animal print painted on one side.

Here I used Butter London Nail Laquer in Snog for the all over colour and W7 Nail Polish Earthquake Crackle in Black for the diagonal sweep.

Happy painting... the nailist xxx