Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Every cloud has a silver lining

So there are times when a bit of bling is order - probably not for every day at work! - but I wanted to experiment with rhinestones and ended up with a design more suited to a Saturday night than the 9-5! Still at least I'll be prepared for when I'm next getting glammed up!

Start off with a pearlescent base colour - I used Primark Beauty Nail Polish in an unnamed silvery white

Step 1 - Pearlescent base colour
Then, using a black nail art pen or thin brush, add a deep V guidance line onto every nail leaving a gap between the point of the V and the cuticle.

Step 2 - V guiding line
Then fill in above the V with a grey colour. I used one of my favourites - No7 Limited Edition Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Grey Matter.

Step 3 - fill in the V
Once this is dry, add a line of silver glittery polish using either a nail art pen or thin brush, just above the original black guiding line. I had a No7 nail art pen from a Christmas gift set which gave a lovely dense finish.

Step 4 - add the silver lining!
Then redefine the V with a black line underneath the silver. This should take the V to the cuticle/base of your nail.

Step 5 - redefine the V
Select a nail on each hand to embellish. Doing one nail at a time, add a line of clear top coat over the silvery line to create a tacky surface. Then, using a clear top coat dipped toothpick pick up and dot on a line of round shaped diamante rhinestones and a teardrop shape one at the base. I added the rounds first, moving from the outer edges towards the centre and added the teardrop in between last. This is so you know you have enough space to have a equal number of rhinestones on each side of the V.

Step 6 - Bling time
Finish off with a shiny top coat on all nails, which will help further seal on the rhinestones. Clean up the edges with an acetone soaked cotton bud . Blingtastic!

The kit

Happy painting... the nailist xxx

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