Monday, 24 September 2012

Vegas baby!

A few posts back, Chelsea, one of my lovely followers, requested a Vegas inspired design for her imminent trip to the Sin City. I've been toying with a few ideas (avoiding the obvious playing cards on her request) and I just had to post this practice one as it went a lot better than I thought...

So hopefully you'll have realised the design is based on slot machine icons. The thumbnail says 'Jackpot' and is probably the weakest one but I couldn't find a 5th symbol! This was a practice so the base is all over the place and one the cherries looks a bit odd but I definitely think there's potential! What do you think Chelsea? They're all free hand painted so you need a steady hand.

Only down side is that as I was only practicing and fully intended on removing, I couldn't be bothered to do my right hand... going to look a bit odd for work tomorrow!

The white base is Barry M Matt White, the design is created using various nail art pens mainly Models Own and the gold on the thumb is Nail Polish by H&M Nail in Golden Treasure.

I'll keep on thinking and post something that doesn't require as much precision!

Happy painting.. the nailist xxx


  1. I love it!!! It may seriously be beyond my capabilities though - especially the right hand!

  2. I know - I got a bit carried away! I'll have another think and post an alternative next week xx