Sunday, 23 September 2012


As you will see I've given the blog a bit of a facelift today - if you normally view on a mobile take a look on a desktop if you can. Hope you like it!

Now I've been obsessed with nails and nail art for over 20 years but it's only since starting this blog that I've discovered nail stamping. I've always been a free hand nail artist and pride myself on having a pretty steady hand but there's only so much detail you can achieve. So after reading about nail stamping on various other blogs and seeing the amazing designs that can be achieved, I decided to invest in some Konad stamping equipment. I bought a stamper and scraper and the Bundle Monster 25pc plates from Amazon and got started... turns out there's obviously a knack which hopefully comes with practice! My first attempt isn't great and I was in two minds whether to share but thought I might as well so hopefully we'll see some progress in future posts.
I started with two coats of Max Factor Limited Edition Nailfinity in Onyx. Then, taking plate number BM-205, I used No7 Anniversary Colour 50's Bobby Socks to create the butterfly design. You basically paint the colour onto the plate, scrap off the excess, lift the design off the plate with the stamper and then stamp onto your nail in a rolling action. There's loads of tutorials on YouTube. Konad is the main manufacturer and they do have Konad polishes, which they say you should use, but looking at other blogs you can use normal polishes too, although I suspect there's certain ones which work better.

The kit

Watch this space for better attempts!

Happy painting... the nailist xxx

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