Sunday, 25 November 2012

Gilted pink

Ooh I'm back on my sofa catching up on X factor after a party weekend in London. My body is feeling a bit worse for wear after far too many drinks and definitely too much fast food from Camdem market, which always seems like such a good idea at the time. But hey my nails are still looking good!
This is a two coat base of Barry M Nail Paint in Black followed by a free handed pink inverted triangle in Max Factor Nailffinity in Disco Pink. Then I added a lovely gilted edge to define the pink triangles with a 17  nail art pot in Gold (this was from one of their Limited edition 'Hot Metals' nail art kits).

As always, I finished off with a good coating on high shine quick dry top coat - this time I used INM Out the Door.

Right I'm off to drown myself in carbs before detox Monday arrives.

Happy painting... the nailist xxx

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